The Fifteen Extraordinary Points of the Sopherim.

This Is Appendix 31 From The Companion Bible.

   There are fifteen words which present an abnormal appearance in the printed Hebrew Bibles. These are of the utmost importance, as they represent the most ancient result of Textual Criticism on the part of the Sopherim.
   Ten of these words are in the Pentateuch, and five occur in the Prophets and Hagiographa.
   Some are without effect as to translation or interpretation; others are more important, and will be noted in the passages where they occur. The following is the list. (For further information see Dr. Ginsburg's Introdution to the Hebrew Bible, pages 318-34):
   Genesis 16:5. 18:9. 19:33,35. 33:4. 37:12. Numbers 3:39. 9:10. 21:30. 29:15. Deuteronomy 29:29. 2Samuel 19:29. Isaiah 44:9. Ezekiel 41:20. 46:22. Psalm 27:13.

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